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How is Recycled Water Delivered to Customers?

Recycled Water is delivered through a dedicated system of storage tanks, pumps, pressure regulating stations, meters, backflow preventers, and pipes called “mains” and “services”.  In this way, Recycled Water is delivered to customers in the same way that potable water is delivered.

The physical difference between a “potable” water system and a “non-potable” or “Recycled Water” system is the color/marking of piping, fixtures, and appurtenances.  Potable water systems do not have a specific color or marking for piping.  Potable water systems can range in color from black to blue or from natural metal/plastic colors to a variety of wraps.  On the other hand, Recycled Water has very specific color and marking requirements.  Recycled Water pipes, fixtures, sprinkler heads, valves, mains, services, and appurtenances, by regulation, must be purple in color and/or clearly marked “Recycled/Reclaimed Water, Do Not Drink”.  Marking must be on a purple background with black lettering.  The coloring/marking of Recycled Water helps to assure that Potable and Non-Potable/Recycled systems are not interconnected by accident.

Initial shut down pressure tests are conducted at every Recycled Water Use Area with annual follow up shut down tests, to confirm the physical separation (no cross-connection) of Potable and Non-Potable/Recycled Water systems.

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